Saturday, July 2, 2016

Floral Dresses

I am completely in love with floral right now. It's so feminine and beautiful, I can't get enough of it! These dresses are a steal on The Underground Pearl and all under $32! Not only are these dresses super cute, but they are also comfy (like pajama comfy) and the best outfit to bring on your vacation because these DON'T WRINKLE! Unreal! In the fall I plan to wear these with a fringe duster and booties.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Finding The Gems at Traverse Mountain Outlets

Lately I have loved finding intricate, well made clothing, with fun embroidery for my closet. Which surprisingly is kind of hard. When I was shopping at the Traverse Mountain Outlets this past week I scored these amazing finds that fit all that critera! 

I have always had a weakness with outlets. I use to work at Ralph Lauren at Traverse Mountain Outlets. When I wasn't filling my closet with classics from their store, I would find a treasure at another. My favorite thing was to go to each store and find the hidden gem in each one. I love how diverse all their stores are there. I love the classic style of Ralph Lauren, J. Crew and Tommy Hilfiger. When I am wanting a bohemian look I love hitting up American Eagle. H&M is always up on the latest trends.Then of course there are classics like Nike, Banana Republic, Coach, and Gap among MANY others!
Recently I came home with some fun clothes that I picked up at the outlets! I was able to find the perfect spring/summer clothes!

I found THIS amazing thick intricate woven jacket from H&M:

As I was leaving H&M I also spotted this gorgeous embroidered dress and I just had to get it. 

Next time you are in Lehi, Utah check out the Traverse Mountain Outlets!
By the way, if you missed the launch of my website yesterday, come check it out!

Monday, April 25, 2016


My clothing and design website 
goes live tomorrow, Tuesday April 26th! 

I am so excited to finally let you all see the amazing things
 we at The Underground Pearl have found for you!

Right now I am feeling like this:

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Cinco De Mayo Party!

Pillows from The Underground Pearl were featured on The House That Lars Built.
Go see her awesome blog for where all her other awesome stuff came from!
I have always been obsessed with her knack for design and her whimsical style. 
Now, I just need to recreate this look for my own Cinco De Mayo Party! :)

The Underground Pearl website launches in 5 DAYS!!
Tuesday, April 26th... also my birthday! 
Best Birthday Present Ever!
I may be freaking out and may not be sleeping at all for the next week.
But hey, who needs sleep anyways?

Leave your email on our website and it will contact you the second we go live so you can get all the good stuff! 

Monday, March 21, 2016

Embroidery Vibes

Top- Sundance (similar tops below)
Jeans- Old Navy
Finge Booties- Carlos Santana 

Embroidered tops are my first thing I grab when the sun starts to show it's face after all these long winter months. 
Here are some amazing embroidered tops that I am digging:

Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Bag You Will Need This Spring!

Macrame Bag- The Underground Pearl

I am obsessed with this bag. It has the perfect bohemian vibe, perfect for this spring and summer.
The size is not to big nor too small. I never want to carry around my whole life in my purse, so this kind of limits this. 

When I went to Magic a month ago, I saw this bag and knew we had to have it in our shop. We have a bunch of these amazing macrame bags coming to The Underground Pearl! 

Leave your email on the website: to be notified of when we go live with our website! We are so excited to bring you amazing items like these to your closet!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Poetic Licence Freeway Fringe

Breaking Down on the freeway is everyone's dream on a long road trip. 
My mom and I were on our way to Vegas and her car started to slow down going up a big hill. We had a tank full of gas and a current oil change, so it was bizarre. We had just passed an exit and we were in the middle of nowhere. Luckily another exit came up with nothing there but a turn around area. We were able to coast down a hill but the car was coming to a complete stop. My mom said, get ready to push. I was wearing my favorite pants and favorite shirt that day with my new Poetic Licence shoes and although this wasn't the ideal outfit for going out and pushing a car, sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. 

We pushed the car for almost a mile. It was the most miserable mile of my life. I was in the back of the car while my mom was steering/pushing when she could. I started to cry as the 2nd car went past us, I was SO exhausted and about to give up pushing the car up the hill. As we were nearing the top of the hill of the exit ramp, a group of college aged boys jumped out of their car and helped push us to the nearest repair shop. I started tearing up. Their timing couldn't be more perfect and I know that God was hearing our prayers at that moment.

SO two things I took away from this experience:
1. If you can help someone push a car on the side of the road, do it. I understand there are people that were probably unable or that just couldn't who passed us. I am SO grateful for our rescuers and for their help.
2. Always be prepared. It was the ONE time my mom and I didn't bring our coats with us on this trip down south. I am SO lucky to have worn comfortable shoes. Poetic Licence never fails me.

That brings me to one more point. 
You NEED these shoes.
I am obsessed.
They are comfy.
I was able to push a car up a hill for almost a mile in these babies.
Fringe. Need I say more?
Thank you Poetic Licence for mixing my love of high heels and comfort.
Oh, the best part ever... THEY ARE ON SALE.

Boots- Must Have Shoes (on sale!)
Pants- Old Navy