Thursday, December 18, 2014

Green Brocade Dress

 Green Brocade Dress- eShakti (similar)
Shoes- Kohls (similar)
Bracelets- Vince Camuto, Banana Republic
Neckace- J. Crew (similar)

THIS dress! Ahh.
I saw it on eShakti and loved it.
I got to customize the sleeves and the neckline and I loved it even more.
The beauty of eShakti is customizing a piece of clothing to your liking.
I wanted a classic piece, one that I could bring out during the holidays for years to come. 
With an elegant neckline and quarter length sleeves, I feel like this beauty will test the length of time. It looks like a dress I pulled out of my grandma's closet that she might have worn back in the day. However, it is my size and fits my shape exactly. Customize your own dress at eShakti.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Ski Town

 Ski Sweater- Ralph Lauren (similar), Plaid Shirt- Old Navy, Black Watch Cords- JCP (similar),
Riding Boots- Ralph Lauren, Necklace- J.Crew

Last weekend I was able to go to my favorite ski town, Park City. Park City will forever have my heart. This is where I first sled down a hill, learned how to ski, how to drive in snow. My family has been going every year since I was little. Now, I live super close and I love it, Since I am a skier, I was so excited to find this sweater a few years ago at Ralph Lauren. This sweater was meant for a quaint ski town like Park City.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Interior Wish List

I came up with a list of fancy interior gifts that can update anyones home. I am all about getting clothes and jewelry for Christmas, but things to make my house pretty are always some of my favorite.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Red Fair Isle


 Sweater- H&M,
Gingham Shirt- J.Crew,
Black Watch Skirt- J.Crew,
Beanie- J.Crew (similar),
Boots- Hunter

Well we sure haven't had much snow around here lately. Jacqueline and I got lucky shooting on a day that actually had a bit of snow. I have been digging around finding short sleeve shirts that work with my plaid pants. My classroom room temperature is around 70+ degrees, so cute sweaters will not work. Speaking of sweaters, I hate ugly sweater parties. Not the people who run them, just the concept. First off, if I am going to own a Christmas sweater... it has to be cute (duh)! Second, everyone's definition of ugly is so different. So I am sorry, I will be the one at Christmas parties this year with my cute reindeer sweaters, because when is the next time I can wear those? :) How do you feel about ugly sweater parties?

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Black Watch Dress


Black Watch Dress: Gap,
Booties: Payless (similar),
Necklace: Zara (similar),
Purse: Forever 21(similar)

I love the holidays because it is more acceptable to pull out all my plaids and wear them and decorate my house with them. Over the years, I have developed an obsession with the beautiful plaid fabrics. My very favorite is called Black Watch. I think I have 4 black watch dresses in my closet and have black watch everything else. Shoes, socks, blankets, pants, shirts... lets just say it's ridiculous. At Ralph Lauren where I work, they have 4 chairs that are made with this black watch fabric and I just want to pick them up and bring them home with me. 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Best Shoes, End of Story!

Dress: J.Crew (similar)
Scarf: Target (similar)

I have told you guys how much I love Poetic Licence shoes. 
I am especially loving these End of Story shoes
The colors are so rich and beautiful with my fall and winter wardrobe.
I love how comfy they are and how the heel isn't too high.
Poetic Licence shoes are true to size and 
the PERFECT Christmas gift for yourself.
Best shoes, End of Story!
Buy them here.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Black and White Sweaters

 Sweater: Ralph Lauren (similar),
Plaid Shirt: Old Navy,
Sequin Skirt- DownEast (similar),
Shoes- Forever Young Shoes (similar)

This year a bunch of my extended family came to my parents house for Thanksgiving. 
When I arrived a few of my cousins were in black and white sweaters.
Naturally my mom brought out all of her black and white sweaters 
so we could wear one too and of course do a photo shoot.
Black and white sweaters are timeless and they are very hip right now.
I especially like black and white fair isle sweaters.
(that's like the snowflake pattern that you see this time of year).
See where you can buy these gorgeous sweaters: