Thursday, August 21, 2008

I'm Fixed!

I flew out to Boston 2 weeks ago and had my 3rd surgery on my elbow. After many prayers & blessings it was a success! The surgeon, who is the best elbow surgeon in the nation was very confident going into it, which made me feel at ease. The surgery didn't magically make everything better though, the doc said it is now up to me. Meaning in order to have motion in my arm and elbow I got to work hard on it...nothing ever comes easy does it? So since my trip back east I have been in a machine (aka the torture machine) that stretches my arm and tries to increase motion. I have to be in it 23 hours a day...yes I am in it as I write this! Here is my arm in the torture device...
As you can imagine things can get pretty boring when you're in bed for two weeks...thank goodness to nice people like this boy Christian who has spent almost everyday by my side taking care of me even when I'm crazy and weird on my drugs :)

Here are some pics of my adventure in Boston...

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