Wednesday, October 22, 2008


This past weekend I went down to California aka the place I was born and lived for 10 years...it's one of my all time favorite places! I went down there with my mom and brother Tyler and his gf Jessica and my sister Gretchen and Christian! It was so much fun! We stayed at my Grandma's house which use to be only a mile from my old house. We went to Newport Beach and Laguna Beach, it was so warm and I got a tan! Yay for tans in October!! :) We also went to Knotts Berry Farm! It was a blast, we were like the only people there. We didn't have to wait in any lines to get onto any rides. So, in 4 hours we were so tired and dizzy and feeling sick because we had gone on every ride at least 2 or 3 times! We also went to the swap meet, and I got a really cute pair of designer jeans with diamonds on it for cheap! So California was amazing! On top of it's amazingness we stopped at In-N-Out and went to my other favorite fast food, El Polla Loco and Rubios! My favorites! Anyways, I love roadtrips and I love my family and I love Christian :)

My little Cousin Sydney!

My cousin Abby, she is as wild and crazy as I was when I was little...I was lucky to catch her in my arms for a picture, this girl is always on the go! haha :)

Love him!

We are so wierd! :)

I LOVE Palm Trees!


Allyse and Rob said...

ahhh i want to go! it looks like so much fun! you guys (yes all your fam and you and xian) are all so cute!!! i am going to add you! i am new to blogging- rob set ours up and he keeps it up to date- i just wrote the blog- he refuses to write a blog...

The Feely Crew said...

How mcuh fun is that!!!! Wow I want to feelsome sand in my toes! It looks like you had loads of fun and what a cutie you've been hanging with. I hope eveything is back on track with your arm. My sister broke her collar bone yesterday and it totally made me think of you.