Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Done with Finals!

I'm done with finals and I'm feeling good! Now it's time for Christmas cheer!! :) I can't wait to watch this... when I was younger I use to watch this every week. I just adore Bing Crosby- best singer ever and Vera Ellen- an AMAZING dancer with super long legs! I guess you could say this movie inspired me to sing and dance.


Jessica said...

yay! you're so lucky to be done early. have a merry christmas!

Ana Lee said...

haha congrats on being done! :)

bethany j. said...

congratulations, that is the best feeling ever! that movie is the perfect way to celebrate, SUCH a good one. :)

Morgan said...

Bridgette! You are such a cutie! As you can tell from my last post, I LOVE White Christmas TOO! Seriously, I was so excited to watch it yesterday (you saw how desparate I got).

But don't you just love Vera-Ellen's legs when she dances? Holy cow!