Monday, December 8, 2008

Oh Finals, Oh the Library

I just LOVE finals time and I just LOVE being in the library till midnight and soon to be 2am once the library is open until then just for finals! Wahoo!! I have SO much to do and SO much to study and I should not be writing in a blog but it gives me a little break from writing a paper and studying names of authors of books that I will not even remember after finals...but that's ok, I'll pretend I'll know it really well to get a good grade and then I will get it out of my mind forever. I love school actually, that is why I am going to be a teacher, but I really don't like Finals, they STRESS ME OUT! :) Ok, I'm done!
Oh here's a pretty picture of my building that I work in on campus...

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Ana Lee said...

That is a very pretty picture :) haha. Are you still working with Casey? Tell her hello for me. Good luck with finals!