Thursday, January 8, 2009


So all I really wanted for Christmas was a Gold's Gym membership. I use to go to the gym everyday back in high school and since then I have just used the smelly gross BYU gym facilities, so thanks to my amazing parents I am now going to be fit and fabulous! :) Watch out!


Ana Lee said...

You're already fit and fabulous.

Allyse and Rob said...

yayyy i went today w/ rob and we unfroze our memberships! i ran in the movie room and then went into the fishbowl and did anything i could think of to work the core... we should go at the same time, but you will probably kick my but you little runner!

The Feely Crew said...

Hey There,
I'm glad to see you had a good 2008 with the exception of the elbow. I used to work out at Gold's everymoring with my Dad and it was the best! Rock the gym!!!