Monday, May 11, 2009

What movie star do you look like?

So the past month I have been told that I look like two different movie stars...Now why do I care or why do you care? It's stupid really but it's fun. Also I wish I was a movie star or actually a Broadway star (we can dream right?) so when people say that I look like someone famous I get super excited! haha. So here they are...

Lauren Graham from Gilmore Girls... I LOVE her!!!

Then the girl from the X-Men Origins Wolverine
Lynn Collins

Ok, so I haven't seen the movie yet, but after opening night I had people stop me on the street to tell me that I looked like Wolverine's girlfriend...I was like whhatt are you talking about? I looked up pictures and I think I can see it?

I don't know...who do I look like? I love finding resemblances between people. Who have people told you that you look like?


Jessica said...

definitely lauren graham!

Ana Lee said...

You look like two hotties! nice! That's because you are totally hot.

Mandy said...

Actually now that I think about it you totally look like both of those girls in your own way. Totally cute!