Monday, October 5, 2009

i'm so in love.

This boy is pretty awesome.

He is a computer geek.
He loves Macs.
He loves anything that has to do with College Football and Texas.
He's from France and Irvine, the best two places ever.
He's German.
He's a crazy skier.
He has mad soccer skills.
And he beats me in games, which is hard to do. :)


Geoff and Kash said...

Hey Bridgette! I'm so happy for you! Your post reminded of me when I was dating Geoff and how happy I was that I found someone so wonderful and perfect for me. I'm so glad you have that too! You guys make a gorgeous couple, and I think you are just so cute and sweet! We need to get together and do a double date sometime! Take care! :)


Kyle and Kaylee said...

So happy for you Britt :)

Mandy said...

Umm you two are adorable! I love it!

Bridgette said...

Many, I totally copied your post because I loved it, thanks for the idea :)