Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Student Teaching

So this semester of school instead of going to school, I teach school! I am a Student Teacher in the Jordan area of SLC Valley in Utah. It is such a fun way to spend my day! I am there 8am-4pm and it is an hour drive there and back! I do miss being on BYU campus though :( but, I guess this is what happens when you grow up! So I am student teaching for 2 months in a 3rd grade classroom, which is such a great age and grade! I love them!

One of my favorite little girls loves to compliment me every day, I think she's a sweetheart but it makes me think she wants me to do something because she always compliments me. The funny thing is that it's always a different kind of compliment. Like yesterday it was,
"Miss Balkman you have such beautiful green eyes."
Today it was "Miss Balkman you have such white teeth",
and then last week she said, "Miss Balkman you have such a nice speaking voice."
It totally makes my day and then I feel bad that she isn't doing so well in the class....

I love being a teacher but it is sure a lot of work!


Mandy said...

Bridgette that's awesome! It sounds like you're doing such a good job, and that little girl sounds so sweet. Clearly she wants your approval so much :) And you do have pretty eyes, and white teeth, and a nice speaking voice haha.

I hope you are doing well! I know teaching is a lot of work but it will totally pay off!

Jessica said...

Don't you love the compliments from the little kids? I love your stories and I'm so glad you're loving teaching.