Thursday, March 8, 2012

Candy in My Socks

Little Girl: Mrs. W... my sock is sticking to me! 
Me: What do you mean it's sticking to you?
Little Girl: I put candy in my sock and its sticking to me. It hurts. 
Me: Why did you put candy in your sock?
Little Girl: (She shows me and there is green sticky candy all around her foot like moss growing on a tree) I was saving it for later! Can I take my sock off? My mom will be really mad that I took off my sock though, she only likes me to wear socks with shoes. 
Me: (I couldn't hold back my laugh...) Well, I think your Mom will be more mad that you put candy in your sock... :)

Speaking of socks, I thought I might include some socks I think are cute. 


Rachel Sayumi. said...

you were at the Glenhood hottub last night!? OMG That is tooooo funny!!!!! I can't believe you recognized me,I was so gross (if you saw,my roommate dunked me): haha so my makeup was all everywhere and hair was crazy. That's too funny. Thanks for your comment!!

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

oh gosh, those boot socks are so adorable! definitely have to get those next winter!!
xo TJ