Thursday, May 17, 2012

DIY Projects To Do

Here are a few projects that I am wanting to do this summer... which starts in 10 days!
I can't wait! :)

Badge Holder
(For my teacher keys that I have to have on me at all times. I want to make mine cuter though...)

Hmm, I think that is good for now. Looks like I need to find myself a sewing machine. :)


The Students Wife said...

Love the bow belt.. that is darling :)


Jake and Caylie said...

Ah! I SO need to make that slip extender! I bought one in black a while back.. but now that I am learning how to sew I want one in white! Thanks for sharing : )

StyleGuryl said...

I like the idea of the bow belt! I'll have to try that one too!


Kyle and Liz said...

Fun projects! I've been meaning to make a slip extender too. I bought the fabric i want, now i just need to buy a slip to sew it on to! Hopefully it turns out as cute as the one on pinterest...