Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Dress Up

When it comes to going out in the summer, I am all about getting dressed up in a dress or skirt. Come to think of it, I just like getting dressed up all the time. :)
I have come up with my favorite dress-up combinations for this summer, if you follow me on Pinterest, you may have seen all of these already. 

1. A bright skirt, white skirt, and fun accessories! 

2. A classic lace dress. This can be dressed up or down depending on if your going on a date or your going to the pool. This is probably my favorite go-to outfit.

3. A peter pan collared striped dress. Fun, classy, and tres chic!

4. Whimsical dress that is just to die for cute.

5. A tunic headband, white shirt, and maxi skirt. I sure love rose pink. 

What's your favorite go to outfit in the summer?


Elisabeth @ La Vita e Bella said...

loving that third dress! so so cute :)

Harley said...

can i have all of these now? please?

The Students Wife said...

those are all sooo darling!! I love the white and yellow dress!

followme@ www.studentswife.com

The Jones said...

Totally agreed on your picks...I love a good lace dress, striped dress, and bright/white combo. Your blog is oodles of lovely by the way...definitely following :)

<3 Cambria

his little lady said...

that third and fifth one. dying!!!! so perfect!
xo TJ