Monday, July 2, 2012

Kaylee's Baby Shower

Kaylee was my one of my favorite roommates at BYU. We had way too much fun together. We never got in a fight, we always danced and sang in our room, loved spying on people outside our window, loved writing our missionaries together, flirting with boys, studying the same major at school and we met our Spectacular 6 best friends together! :) 

Well, Kaylee is all grown up and is having a baby boy
I got to celebrate with her tonight, it was so good to see her. 
Congrats to Kaylee and Kyle!

Love you Kayls!


Nicole said...

Hey girl I found your blog and I do cheap designs! If you want a new one let me know!


The Pixtons said...

I am so jealous yall got to hang out! Wish I was in Utah with yall! I sometimes want to turn back time for a day and be with our group at BYU when we were all crazy and unassuming and together. Seriously, we need to plan a reunion in the next few years and make everyone come! Miss and Love You!!!