Friday, July 27, 2012

Opening Ceremonies & Wedding No. 2

Anyone else watch the opening ceremony for the Olympics?
I personally LOVED it! 

Here is my review of the performance part of the ceremony:
-My favorite part was the history lesson on the Industrial Revolution aka looking like the Hunger Games at times, especially when the kids in the choir were in their PJs!

-The queen made quite the entrance, jumping off an airplane into the stadium....seriously though, was that her? I am impressed.

-The teacher side of me (of course) loved the english literature performance where they depicted all the villains from England. Haha, wow! Who knew all those villans were all from England?

-Mr. Bean did it again. Hillarious!

-I didn't so much love the teenage love story/technology age performance, a little loooooong. However, great music review of the ages.

Ohhh a fab commercial...PAUSE at any moment and it is a beautiful picture. Good job Dior!
Check it out here in case you missed it:

Guess who is getting married this weekend?!?

My handsome brother in-law Phil to the gorgeous Sarah!
So happy for this beautiful couple! I cannot wait to have Sarah as a sister! YAY!
Here they are at the temple on Wednesday.

I can't wait to take lots of pictures of these two on their wedding day! :) 


Lindsey Nielson said...

You are too cute Bridgette!! I love reading your blogs!!

Andrea said...

I just love weddings so much!!I just uploaded another post about a little adventure at college, if you want a specific video or post back to school themed, feel free to tell me :)Could you please consdier following each other? www.shineonbyandrea.blogspot.com Twitter: @shineonbyandrea
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Hina Naz said...

omg lovely post.i am loving your blog.just great posts.i am your new follower.follow me back

his little lady said...

oh gosh, mr. bean was absolutely hilarious! and the queen, yep, you go girl! i love how she didn't even use doggy doubles for her dogs. ha
and the happy couple looks absolutely gorgeous!
xo TJ