Friday, October 19, 2012

Closet Clean Out!

What do you get when you just had your carpets cleaned 
and nothing can be on the floor 
and you want to get rid of tons of your clothes 
and your husband decides to give you more closet space...

(this isn't even the crazy messy part, it get's worst...trust me!)

It either looks like we are hoarders or that we are moving. 
Neither are true.

I am actually getting rid of SO much stuff.
You guys, I am so not like this. 
I have decided if I have not worn it in a year it goes, bye bye! 
I advise you all to go into your closets and do the same. 

Happy Weekend!


Sara Harris said...

i love your new design! and it feels so good to clean out your closet

callie said...

oh how exciting!! i hate cleaning out a closet but it feels so much better afterwards! by the way, love your little blog too! follow me with gfc i just added it to my blog! newest follower to you too!

kelsey bang said...

i love cleaning out my closet! its kinda fun :) and getting more closet space....GO SHOPPING :) for sure! always room for more new clothes ;)

~d {dawns disaster} said...

cleansing is good for the soul :)

Thanks for linking up with Super Sunday Sync! We hope you found some great bloggy friends!

Lindsey Nielson said...

This is seriously the best thing to do ever!! Moydie and I have vowed to do this every year (or 6 months) lol :)

Charlotte said...

Oh I wish I was brave enough to do this! I always get the 'oh but what if I need it' worries when I try to throw clothes out x

Laura said...

I have a rule that if I get something new I have to get rid of something old. I keeps everything fresh and keeps me from overshopping!!