Monday, October 8, 2012

Dot to Dot

Sometimes I see something on Pinterest and I try and take items out of my closet that can recreate that look. I feel like I kind of recreated this JCrew look in this Ad. I do have green pants put steered away from those for this look and decided to do the green cardi. I like the dots mixed with the plaid shoes for this fall. What do you think?


Danielle said...

Great interpretation! I think the shoes are perfect for fall, they look great with your outfit. Can't go wrong with polka dolts :)


Phuong said...

You look so good! I love the polka dots!


Sara Harris said...

i love this outfit! you look great:)

A J said...



Jessica said...

Love it! Come revamp my closet with your stylish ways. You're so pretty cuz!

Rachel said...

That outfit is so cute! I love polka dots in general, though, so I might be a bit biased!