Friday, November 16, 2012

Peter Pan Ballerina

I wore this outfit to school this week and I had so many compliments from my babies. 
They all couldn't believe that I wore a ballerina tutu and a big bow in my hair. :) 
I think some girls just never grow up.
Peter Pan syndrome right here, THAT is why I teach 1st grade. 

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Terry S said...

This is such an adorable look. LOVE the green, and LOVE the tutu, bow, and Peter Pan collar!



Kelsey Eaton said...

So cute! I love it. Your kids are going to love you even more now. :)

Kelsey Lenay said...

Gorgeous! Green is definitely your color!

XO, Kelsey

kelsey bang said...

i liked the green and black and white combo! cute!

Sheila said...

Adorable look!

xo - Sheila

kateprs said...

Love this top! You look fantastic!

Kate @ A Journey in Style

Rachael said...

So pretty! I need a tutu!!

Rachael, your newest follower


Tiffany {Grown up Dress up} said...

This outfit is darling! And I'm super jealous of your fall leaves : )

Sweet Melissa said...

Love this outfit! The green cardi is super cute!


Katie Smith said...

so pretty!

Krystal said...

it's a super cute outfit :)

Elsha Bodily said...

Too cute! Love the green with the white lace...shows how freaking tan you are! I'm going albino over here while you have all the gorgeous color in the world

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Shay said...

That color is SO PERFECT on you- you look adorable!

kendra @ little almanac said...

haha, little girls are the best! And you do look fab.

Madison Thorpe said...

such a dang cute outfit!! and I'm loving the peter pan collar!! :)

Looking Up!

Anonymous said...

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