Monday, December 3, 2012

Target Finds

I was in Target, you know just to get a notebook...
but ended up in the clothing section.
Story of my life.
Anyways, a girl with a shocked voice shouted,
"OMG this is $80 freaking dollars and it's here at Target!"

Obviously, I was curious and wandered over to where she was.
The section was all "fancied" up and had a different feel and the prices
on everything were pretty pricey for Target. 
Well, Neiman Marcus has recently teamed up with Target for a Holiday Collection.
Here were my favorites from the collection:

New At Target

Go check them out for the holidays!
What are your favorites from the new collection?


Meggan Morehead said...

I love the plates!

Emmett Katherine said...

Target needs to come to Canada already!!

Melanie G said...

Hi from your newest follower! I found you at the Meet & Greet blog hop at Created by Laurie. I'll have to go check out the Target finds now!

Meghan @ Wishful Thinking said...

Target needs to hurry up and come to the UK because I seriously need that stripey wheely bag!

Kaylyn said...

That luggage and sequin top are AWESOME. I like it all but those are my favs. I had no idea they were teaming up together. Must go see! XOX your newest follower (Thank you for visiting my blog the other day :))