Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Polka Dots and Sister In Laws

 First off, how cute is my sister in law, Sarah?
I love black and white and red (my favorite colors) mix it together with peplum and seriously those are all my favorite things in fashion right there! 
I have been super grateful for my family lately.
I love my side of the family but I also married into a spectacular one.
I love every single one of them.

I even lucked out with fun, fashionable, and super talented sister in laws.
I count my blessings every day for these amazing ladies.
Hela lives in New York and I talked about her here.

I am lucky enough to live next to one of them, Sarah.
She is a BYU gymnast as well, where she is also the poster child.
I hung this poster in my classroom today and my kids are obsessed! :)


The Students Wife said...

you girls are all so fashionable!


Shay said...

That is SO awesome you love your inlaws so much! I can tell you from experience- it is so hard when the love isn't there!

Alexandra said...

Lovely pictures:) I really like this post!;)
Have a great time!

Best wishes, Alexandra

ME said...

Hello! You are ADORable! Loooove a girl who loves fashion!!! (me too!)
Don't know how you found me, but so glad you did! I'm totally following you now! Gotta try something new with my plaid shirts!

Nancy Bandzuch said...

Thanks for stopping by! Glad to connect through the blog hop! Also, I love polka dots too!

Penniless Socialite said...

I love that little peplum skirt on her.
Penniless Socialite
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Kristine Foley said...

Love your outfits!! Yall are so cute! Yay for fun SILs!! Thats the best!

Anna said...

Polka dots with red colour is one of my favorite combo! :) Thanks for visiting my blog. I subscribed your blog :)

My-cliffnotes said...

She's so cute I love the polka dots and faux fur vest

My-cliffnotes said...

She's so cute I love the polka dots and faux fur vest

Gentri said...

so awesome. You are all so cute!

Nicole @ Mendez Manor said...

Love the outfit! Thanks for stopping by Mendez Manor! I am a new follower.


morgan at quitetheblog.com said...

that is so awesome that you get to be close to your inlaws! i love my inlaws, too! and i'm loving the polka dots. i wore polka dots for the first time since childhood today..and it was the main one that i forgot to include in the collage on my blog today!

Natasha said...

Thank you for your comments and following our blog!!!

Kelly Jade said...

Love your blog, would you like to follow eachother on Bloglovin and GFC??

Let me know and will follow straight back,



Laura said...

Amazing outfit!, i love the combination of red and dots!,
You have a great blog, i'm following you now!, i hope you can follow me too :)

Elsha said...

I love her peplum skirt! It is adorable, how lucky are you :) Great family!

Rachael SparkFire said...

Polka dots are so classic and chic! They will never go out of style!

Also, I love love love your frame theme for your links on the left!

I just followed you and hope you follow back so we can stay in touch :)

Real College Student of Atlanta said...

that top and skirt are adorable!

Chandra said...

POLKA DOTS! I LOVE polka dots! :)

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