Friday, May 3, 2013

One of the cool people...

There are a couple things I am absolutely obsessed with when it comes to fashion...
bows, polka dots, black and white, and ruffles. 

Can you imagine how giddy I get 
to know that all my favorite things are "in" right now? 
Well maybe ruffles are old news now, but I STILL love them!

Sometimes I am annoyed because everyone is wearing "MY" favorite things, 
but then I remember that this is fashion and it won't be cool to wear it in about a year from now. 
I am glad I am "cool" at the moment. 

All of these items are a MUST in my closet and I have many of these things in several colors.
What kind of items do you see over and over in your closet?

This Bow Belt:

Black and White Striped Skirt:

Bow Shoes:

Polka Dot Skirt:

Ruffle Shirt:

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